Are you anxious about life after graduation or struggling in a post-grad world?

#postgradlife Support Group

You're feeling worried about whether your life is going to work out...

Struggling with feeling like you haven’t done enough...

Feeling trapped in your job...

And constantly comparing yourself to others.



#postgradlife Support Group

Connect with a group to explore career identity & build confidence


Maybe undergrad is coming to an end, or you’ve recently graduated. Maybe you already have a job, or you’re still looking. Wherever you are, you're in a crisis and wondering what the $#@! you’re doing.

Your twenties are a very fun, yet challenging, time of life. You're laying the groundwork for your life and starting to put it all together. Who are you becoming? Where do you want to be?

This group will help you gain confidence in a post grad world. You'll explore hopes, aspirations, and obstacles in your life to help you move forward in an intentional way.

Our goal is to motivate you to connect with others and develop a plan for success in order to launch toward an exciting future.

Grow in leadership, relational, & interview skills


You'll learn to create connections with others in order to broaden and diversify your network.

You'll discover the important skills and techniques that help you stand apart from the crowd, land interviews, get the job, and progress in your career.

#postgradlife Support Group

#postgradlife Support Group

Membership Benefits


As a Post-Grad Life group member, you'll also receive free individual:

  • Résumé help

  • Cover letter review

  • Interview prep

We do not currently have a Post-Grad Life group going. If you're interested in being part of the group, reach out to us to inquire about when the next one might start!

This group meets for 90-minutes each week for a total of 8 weeks.

We offer Post-Grad Life at our South Austin location, as well as in Buda for those a little farther south. Our members typically consist of students and alum from, University of Texas, Texas State University, St. Edwards University, and Austin Community College.

Fee: $25 per session

For more information:

#postgradlife Support Group