The South Austin Enneagram Community is a group of people dedicated to learning about ourselves through the powerful tool of the Enneagram. We hold Enneagram groups and workshops throughout the year, as well as a monthly meetup.

The Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. As you discover your personality type and how it colors your view of the world, you will also discover what motivates you, your coping strategies, and keys to personal development.



South Austin Enneagram Meetup

 Our monthly meetup is the first Tuesday of every month. Each month is an opportunity to connect with other Enneagram enthusiasts as we explore and discuss various topics.

Let us know you're coming, and connect with others through our monthly meetup Facebook event page and the South Austin Enneagram Community group.


Next Meetup

Tuesday, February 5th | 7:30 - 9:00 PM


Austin Relational Wellness

4425 S MoPac Expy
Bldg 4, Ste 701
Austin, TX 78735


$15 at the door

Cash or Venmo @ SOAustinEnneagram


Enneagram Panel Kick-off!


What's the meetup like?

It's super casual! We all just get together, enjoy some snacks, and chat about our own experiences of our types. Our meetup is meant for anyone curious about the Enneagram. We believe the Enneagram is best experienced in community. Whether you're new to the Enneagram or you're someone who has studied it for decades, your presence is both welcomed and appreciated. Wherever you are in your journey, we want you to come out and share what life is like for you as your type. Each meetup will focus on a specific topic, but there's no need to prep... just show up. We'll guide you along the way.

Enneagram Meetup Facilitators

Photo by St. Laurent Photography

Photo by St. Laurent Photography

Hannah & Cat

Hannah and Cat, of Austin Relational Wellness, are counselors who like to integrate the Enneagram into their therapy practices. They recognize that exploration of the Enneagram can be supplemental to your therapeutic journey or a journey in and of itself. In addition to using the lens of the Enneagram in their practices, they find value in it in their own lives. They are each in process with the Enneagram teachings and are consistently learning new things about themselves and one another. As co-workers, they find that knowing how they each experience their Enneagram types helps them to better understand and communicate with one another.



Abi is a yoga instructor, Yoga Therapy Intern, and owner of Abi Robins Yoga. They teach group classes and private sessions in the Austin area. They bring the ancient teachings of yoga and the Enneagram together to give people the tools and the knowledge to experience deep healing and personal transformation. Abi offers classes that are vinyasa based and flow from gentle to powerful, depending on the group, as well as private yoga and lifestyle coaching sessions. In these sessions, they help people find more balance and ease in their lives through conscious movement, contemplative practices, and lifestyle adjustments.

Read more about how Abi integrates yoga with the Enneagram on the Austin Relational Wellness blog. Check out Abi's blog as well!


2019 South Austin Enneagram Meetup dates:

January (No meeting)

February 5th

March 5th

April 2nd

May 7th

June 4th

July 2nd

August 6th

September 3rd

October 1st

November 5th

December 3rd