Spiritual Direction

You may define yourself as deeply religious and rooted in a faith tradition, or you may define yourself as spiritual but not religious.

Whatever the spiritual or faith path, the Divine seeks you where you are.

Spiritual directors support all faiths.



Purpose of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction enables you to listen and respond more effectively to God’s personal communication in your life. This, in turn, cultivates the interior spiritual life where you meet the Holy Spirit one-on-one, and true transformation takes place. Spiritual direction is more about asking questions than about giving answers. 

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

How Spiritual Direction is Different from Counseling

Counseling assumes the person has a problem or issue that is preventing them from leading the life they want to live.  Spiritual direction is not advice-giving, teaching, or problem solving.  A Spiritual Director is a companion who will help you listen and look at the action of the Spirit in your life and help you to listen to your own heart. Spiritual direction always happens in the context of prayer.  



Gifts of Spiritual Direction

  • Identify and trust your own experience of God

  • Integrate spirituality into your daily life

  • Live the essence of your spirituality with integrity

  • Discern and make difficult choices

  • Develop a sensitivity for how your spirituality calls you to make a difference in the community or world

Spiritual Direction


What to Expect

  • To discuss whatever seems significant in your life at this time with the focus being on your relationship with the Divine

  • To explore a variety of spiritual practices

  • A private, quiet, confidential, and comfortable setting

  • To meet once or twice a month


How to Choose a Spiritual Director

Look for a person who demonstrates:

  • Solid theological knowledge about the life of the Spirit

  • Fidelity to a personal faith journey, as well as openness to transformation

  • Compassion—someone who listens and with whom you can be at ease, who takes your quest seriously, and who facilitates your growth in trust

  • Life of prayer and acceptance—someone who is willing to ponder mystery and to allow you to live into mystery

  • Commitment to hold confidences