4 Austin Summer Date Ideas to Improve your Marriage


It’s summertime! Time for sun, time for water, time for vacations, time for family, and a great time to nurture your marriage or relationship.

Prioritizing spending quality time with one another on a regular basis is important for your relationship. But how can you go about nurturing your relationship this summer? It’s not always enough just to be together in the same space. It’s also important to connect purposefully. Planning a weekly date where you can have that meaningful connection without all the added distractions of kids, family, work, and outside stress is one way to create a space for meaningful connection.

This summer, make your marriage a priority. Set aside time to go on dates, build your friendship, and truly enjoy one another.

How to plan meaningful dates

When you sit down to plan your next date, try thinking about what type of connection your relationship really needs at the moment. What have you been missing? Do you need time to talk about the things you’re looking forward to or the things that have really been stressing each of you out lately? Do you need to leave all of that behind and just have fun together without worrying about anything else? Do you need to get outside since you’ve both been cooped up doing house chores lately?

Next, consider the ways the environment or atmosphere might affect your relationship need. Wherever you go, it’s important to make sure you’ll be able to have the type of connection you and your partner need. Will you be able to hear one another in the space or will it be too loud and chaotic? Will the TVs at a sports bar be a distraction if you’re really needing a quiet space to talk? Is the environment too stuffy for you to be able to let loose together?

Need some Austin date ideas?


Dine at El Mesón Tequilería

  • Good if you need: A space to slow down and talk to one another without distractions
  • Atmosphere: Laid back, dim lighting, and great service
  • Favorites: The no-mix, fresh margaritas!

Take mural photos

  • Good if you need: To save money, to go on an adventure, and to be creative
  • Atmosphere: Sunshine and time together in the car
  • Favorites: Discovering new places along the way and enjoying the photos long after it’s over

Float the San Marcos river

  • Good if you need: A couple of hours to chat, to soak up some sun, and to work together
  • Atmosphere: Peaceful and relaxing on weekdays, and a little wild on the weekends
  • Favorites: Prettiest float in Central Texas, laid back people, and helping each other through the rapids

Go watch a roller derby bout

  • Good if you need: Some excitement and a unique experience
  • Atmosphere: High-energy, fun, and a pretty gnarly
  • Favorites: All the creative player names and tough ladies!

Check out 4 Austin Date Ideas to Improve your Marriage for more Austin area date ideas!

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