Individual Therapy

For those interested in building a collaborative, one-on-one relationship with a therapist to work on various life difficulties. We specialize in therapy for young adults.

Couples Therapy

For dating, premarital, or married couples looking to strengthen their relationships and increase intimacy.

Spiritual Direction

For those interested in exploring and finding direction in their unique spiritual development with the guidance of an understanding Spiritual Director.

Group Therapy + Support Groups

For those looking to build connections with others in similar situations to explore and process life difficulties in a group setting.

Workshops + Retreats

For couples and individuals who can’t make a weekly time commitment but wish to learn, grow, and receive added perspective from others over the course of a day. We currently offer premarital and marriage retreats and Enneagram workshops.


South Austin Enneagram Community

For people interested in exploring personality through the lens of the Enneagram.