Wedding Planning is Stressful, Premarital Counseling Doesn’t Have to Be!


We know that you have many options for premarital counseling in Austin. There’s weekly premarital counseling with a couples counselor, programs offered through a church, and a few premarital workshops around town. But what if you could spend the day with your partner in a beautiful, retreat-like setting learning all kinds of ways to set your marriage up for success?

Coming up in October, Austin Relational Wellness is holding the Creating Connection Couples Retreat. The one-day retreat is held on Saturday, October 20th in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The venue is just a short drive outside the city to southwest Austin. It’s an inviting, comfortable space with beautiful grounds. Throughout the day, you’ll be able to enjoy the area, dine on delicious food and snacks, and sip on ice cold beverages.


What to expect from our premarital couples retreat

We’ll begin our day with a light breakfast and coffee as we introduce ourselves, give you a chance to get to know one another a bit through a couples game, and set our intentions for the day. Then we’ll dive into an exercise to help you get a sense of the strength and growth areas in your relationship. Next, we’ll teach you about many of the things that contribute to healthy, sound marriages and do some activities to figure out what that means for your own relationship.

During our break for lunch, you’ll have a chance to connect with your partner alone as you enjoy the grounds during a couples picnic… blankets and baskets included! After lunch, you’ll learn about a concept surrounding certain needs that we all have in relationships. We’ll help you figure out your own needs, as well as your partner’s, and do some activities to help you get a better understanding of what these look like for each of you.

Because every relationship has conflict, the next part of our day will focus on communication and conflict management. We’ll teach you some evidence-based techniques to help with communicating during conflict. We’ll incorporate all that we’ve learned about needs to help you each learn to ask for what you need in a positive way so that you can be the very best partners you can be to one another.


Breaks will be built in throughout the day to give you a chance to enjoy the location, mingle with other couples, dine on snacks, play a few yard games, and just have some down-time. We’re also excited to offer a couples massage lesson. This portion of the day gets you out of your head and connected with your partner to teach you ways to increase closeness and affection. Our licensed massage therapist will give a group lesson on basic massage techniques that you can use to help meet your partner’s needs. Comfy clothes are a must for this part of our day!

We’ll wrap up by focusing on your vision for the future of your relationship, including pre-planning some future date night ideas. By creating this vision, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your relationship going forward.


If you’re looking for an alternative to premarital counseling in Austin, our couples retreat is a great fit for you! You can find more information and reserve your spot for our next retreat here.