4 Podcasts I'm Loving Right Now


Real life, I love a good podcast. Something to know about me is that I’m not a huge TV or movie watcher. Let me clarify by letting you know that I don’t say this to be one of those holier- than-thou-I-don’t-even-own-a-TV-I’m-above-that-noise type of person. Actually, I wish I enjoyed it more! A few shows catch my attention, but I have a hard time sitting still for long, which makes investing in a season somewhat of a challenge. And then there are podcasts, which only require my ears to listen and have a similar entertainment factor as TV does. I can drive, do dishes, do chores or workout while I listen. A multitasker’s dream.

Here are a few podcasts I’m loving right now!


Conscious Construction


I’m such a fan of this newish podcast hosted by Austin Yoga Therapist, Abi Robins. Abi is just a force, a very special one at that! We connected last year because of our mutual love for the Enneagram and even decided to pair up to host the South Austin Enneagram Meetup. This podcast dives into the world of yoga, the Enneagram, relationships, spirituality and personal growth. Each episode is almost like a mini therapy session and very thought provoking. Abi interviews some really awesome people and hits on important topics for personal growth. She’s also just a super fun person, and I love feeling like I get to hang out with her each week through listening to Conscious Construction.

Start with these episodes:


The Enneagram Journey


Suzanne Stabile is a spirited Enneagram teacher who has authored two great books, The Road Back you You, and her latest, The Path Between Us. Suzanne is a gifted teacher, and her podcast can help you understand the Enneagram better. Some episodes are a panel of Enneagram teachers talking about various Enneagram topics and others are Suzanne interviewing people on their Enneagram Type. This podcast is best for someone who already is familiar with the Enneagram. I wrote a post on how to get started over here:

Start with:


For the Love


This podcast is just a lot of fun. Jen Hatmaker is bubbly, honest and just doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her podcast features a mini-series on different topics such as girlfriends, food, laughter, holidays and faith. If you’re looking for an easy listen, this podcast is for you. You must listen to the Brené Brown episode, and of course, there is an Enneagram episode wedged in there. Check out the episodes below to get started.

A few to start with:


Armchair Expert


I'm just starting this podcast after it was recommended to me by a friend. It’s hosted by Dax Shepard, who I’m mainly a fan of because he and his wife, Kristen Bell, are big proponents of mental health issues and couples therapy. The couple is refreshingly honest about their own struggles and how much marriage counseling has helped their relationship. The podcast features guests talking about the messiness that is life. I mean, the first episode is Ellen DeGeneres. Sign me up!