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Meet Hannah

Hannah is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate supervised by Tammy Fisher, LMFT-S, LPC-S. She provides counseling for couples and young adults and also facilitates Enneagram workshops and marriage retreats at Austin Relational Wellness.

The first thing you’ll notice about Hannah is her grounded, genuine presence. Hannah’s counseling style is conversational, transparent, and relaxed. She has a playful sense of humor, which is something she often brings into the therapy room. She believes that, though therapy is a difficult process, it shouldn’t have to be so serious all the time. She uses her calm demeanor to gently challenge her clients to think about things differently. Hannah’s sense of humor, calm demeanor, and clinical skills help her clients move from a place of feeling fearful about the process of therapy to a place of comfortability and growth.


Hannah’s Counseling Services at Austin Relational Wellness

Hannah offers weekly counseling at our South Austin office for couples who want to experience more fulfilling lives with stronger relationships. She works with couples who are committed to one another and have a strong foundation but want to have a deeper connection. Couples that come to her for therapy are typically feeling disconnected from one another on some level, whether it’s because they’re having frequent arguments and talking problems in circles or because they’re feeling emotionally disconnected and struggling to find a more meaningful relationship. Hannah also works with premarital couples to help establish this connection and prevent future disconnection prior to marriage. She uses Gottman Method Couples Therapy to help couples learn to effectively talk to one another about their issues, create more meaningful time together, strengthen their bond, and begin to know one another on a deeper level.

In addition to her work with couples, Hannah also offers weekly therapy for individuals. She works with young adults who are going through tough life transitions and tend to be really hard on themselves. She helps people who are worried they’re not measuring up to certain expectations, feeling a sense of stuckness, or holding themselves back because of painful emotions. By creating a safe space, her individual counseling clients feel truly heard and understood. She works to help her clients become aware of their emotional and thought processes, relational patterns, and unique strengths to help them recognize their true potential and get in touch with their best selves. One of the ways Hannah helps people connect to who they truly are is through exploration of the Enneagram of personality, a personality typing system that sheds light on different patterns of being. She enjoys integrating this tool into her work with clients.

Hannah also co-facilitates the Creating Connection Couples Retreat, a space for Austin couples to get away from their busy lives for a day to focus on forming a stronger bond, learning about one another’s needs in the relationship, and working on valuable communication skills. The retreat can be an alternative or a supplement to Austin marriage counseling for couples who feel like they have a good foundation but could just use a little relationship pick-me-up. Held in South Austin in a beautiful Hill Country setting, couples who attend will enjoy complimentary beverages, great food, and a group couples massage lesson from a local licensed massage therapist. Austin Relational Wellness is pleased to be able to offer this couples retreat to the community and offers a few special perks to premarital couples who attend.


Outside the Therapy Room

Hannah’s most important values are those of growth and family. This is apparent in her work but also in her personal life. She’s really into the Enneagram and is currently enjoying several Enneagram podcasts that help her with applying this tool to her own life. Hannah enjoys spending time doing anything creative, is consistently finding new recipes to try out, loves exploring the Austin brewery and winery scene, and enjoys going out to listen to live music. She spends most of her free time with close friends, family, and her husky, Mika.

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